How to improve LED tv sound quality but not with cinema system

LED or light emitting diode TVs are now very popular. They are available especially in appliance centers located in malls. Having crisp picture in your newly-purchased led tv is not enough. It must have a very nice sound quality  ; with bass, mid-range speakers and tweeters. The question is, how will you achieve this?

In Baguio, looking for quality secondhand speakers for your led tv is not a problem. Just visit several thrift shops in Baguio selling secondhand electronic gadgets, kitchen and home appliances appliances. The shops are located at the ground floor of Padilla Bldg at Harrison Road, 3rd Floor of  U-Need Supermart at Plaza, 2nd and 3rd Floor at old hotel building in Abanao St. fronting the Abanao Square and at the old Bayanihan hotel

For the brand which I tried and for which I’m totally satisfied, I would recommend JBL   or  Altec Lansing..For a 2.1 system, one will need to shell out P1200 -P2500 per set.Just make sure the speakers are properly tested  before payment  Following the steps in setting up the tv with the speaker system, I’m sure you will enjoy watching your favorite programs on tv as if your inside a theatre.


MC Adore Hotel

What can you remember about Mc Adore Hotel?
Mc Adore International Palace Star of the North was a five-star hotel with a revolving restaurant and helipad built in the 1970s by businesswoman Modesta R. Sabeniano. The MC Adore property has a total land area of 5,113.99 square meters. The building, consisting of five floors, totals 11,990.53 square meters while the helipad at its roof deck covers 12,673 square

Sometime in 1979, I was able to acquire the subscription of a one-page advertisement of  MC Adore International Palace for the UPCESSA Yearbook (University of Pangasinan College of Engineering  Supreme Student Association). The restaurant near the rooftop swimming served as the venue for the UPCESSA event. Supposed to be, the affair  will be at the Grand Ballroom  but the place was already set for another event. That was the time that I was able to go as far as the helipad and the Dayat Revolving Restaurant, the rooftop swimming pool serves not only as a pool but also as a water reservoir in case of fire within the building.  The hotel is the only 5-star in the North.  I was able to dine in at the coffee shop  at the lobby  with a cup of coffee costing P 50 wherein by that time is already a big amount.  Renowned beauty queen from Binmaley, Pangasinan operates her self-named boutique at the ground floor.  As far as I can recall MC in the MC Adore name stands for M-odesta & C-arlos Munoz, the allegedly  estranged husband of Sabeniano who owns the famous Munoz market in Manila.

When I go to the hotel, I make sure I will enter through the main door and not the coffee shop entrance because I like being greeted and being saluted by the guard. One time ,I chanced Modest aSabeniano  scolding the office employees telling them to inform the guard to salute everybody entering the hotel . This happened when Carlos Munoz entered the building not in a suit so he was not given hand salute by the guard.

I was able to enter  the administration office wherein I got the advertisement material. I Have no longer a copy of the ad because my yearbook was flushed out by the August 26, 1990 mudslide in Philex.  The theatre which was named ModestaMovierama is centralized airconditioned with world-class facilities but several of the upholstered chairs were allegedly intentionally damaged/torn by supporters of then mayoralty candidate Mayor CiprianoManaois. That time, ModestaSabeniano was alos a mayoralty candidate but lost in the election. During the grand campaign of the manaois camp, they even acquired the services of the estranged husband of Modesta. According to him, the husband owns the lot but stole it from him and she even forced to changed the family name of their kids with Sabeniano.

One of the daughters of Modesta is married to Architect Ravanzo, owner- of the family-owned Villaflor hospital then located  beside the University of Pangasinan building.

Below the theatre was a bank. The hotel served also as a hom e of the Rotary Club of Dagupan for their monthly meetings and events.

According to our college instructor, Dean DionisioParayno of the College of Engineering who was our instructor in “Project Study” class, the location of the hotel is not suited in the place because it is facing the old St. John Cathedral because according to him, you check-In  at the hotel to do private activity so how could do that illegal private activity when as youi peep in the window , you will see the cathedral.

When there are special events in the hotel, I make sure I drop by the place because at that time, having been in the hotel is a status symbol.

July 16, 1990, a very strong  earthquake  hit the city of Dagupan wherein many buildings were damaged and sank due to liquefaction but MC Adore was not affected as the building foundation is a spread footing.

From Sony cassette player to apple iPod :The transformation

Travelling in Manila and in the nearby provinces is not easy without my music player. It keeps me going while listening to music while travelling. . As if my travel even in far away places passes with ease. It’s exciting and more fun.

Gone are the days when I used to carry a SONY Pocket radio/cassette player with AM/FM. I only purchased original cassette tapes of my favorite artists. I use rechargeable batteries instead of the alkaline batteries. When cassette tapes were obsolete, I purchased SONY discman and both original CDs and fake CDs. I carry around 20 cds.

Because I always carry a bulky sling bag, my son suggested to me that I better purchase an mp3 player so as to get rid of the lots and lots of cds that I used to carry. That time , I have no idea what an mp3 is. At a thrift shop in Baguio, I spotted a “Creative “brand mp3. The cost then was P350 so I gamble with the product. Its good. Its functioning.

While I was in Manila, I spotted along a secondhand store in Quiapo sidewalk selling used mp3. Thinking it was an original due to apple logo, I purchased the mp3 player with am/fm. Its nice but it was only at home when I’ve learned from my son that it’s fake.

Next of my player was an apple iPod which I later gave to my daughter. Then came another apple iPod, black 32 GB and finally, apple iPod Touch. Todate, I enjoy using with iPod with lots of apps. One of my favorite game is Chess.

And for update with my playlist, I have iTunes in our pc. We must admit that times have changed and so with gadgets.

A nightmare in Burnham Park

Travelling at nighttime is a no-no to me. Aside from staying up late, it’s very risky especially if the bus waiting areas are dim .

Boarding a provincial bus, I arrived in Baguio City by 2:00 am. The bus station is at the Rizal Park area. Because the night is cold and early morning, only few people were in the park, I decided to pass the Burnham park thru Daniel Burnham’s bust because I thought that since its unholy hour, I will be safe enough passing that park.

While walking past the bust, a man from the shrubs, unlighted portion came out and asked”where I came from?”. I did not mind him anyway because why he’s asking me that? Why will he mind where I came from?

Sensing that it was a hold-up, I placed my wallet in my front pocket, secured my newly-purchased phone, fixed my shoe laces in preparation for any untoward incident. I thought he is not following me but to my surprise he was about 5 meters away from my back. Instead of going to the boating area, I diagonally passed through the grassy area and seek the nearby restaurant for help.Its good that a park guard noticed me asking me for help. He queried if I could recognize the person but I said not. The guard advised to be very careful next time.

I proceeded to the Dunkin Donut shop In Session Road for a cup of coffee and to seek for a safer place.

In Baguio, It’s More Fun to Walk when there are more people in the streets rather than walking alone.

myEyesight, myEyewear, myHugo Boss

My love for reading started in my elementary days. I love reading books, comics during the 70’s and I love to write. I just want to express my ideas through writing. I was a news writer in ‘FORUM”, the official newspaper in my elementary years and also a news writer in our high school paper which was later shutdown by then President Marcos during martial rule. I made a crossword puzzle and published in the CURRENT EVENTS Digest , year 1970 which I was paid P100 for that puzzle. And for this, I was swarmed with hundreds of fan mails from all over the country. I read all of the letters but due to financial constraints, I was not able to send a reply. That will cost me a lot of cash then. I used to write for our company news bulletin. I regularly patronize the public library in our community. I love reading almanacs, geography, science, history, encyclopedia, Reader’s Digest etc. When I have problem with words, I always consult the dictionary.

My love for reading does not end in the library. I will join other kids renting and reading comics for hire in the public markets. After buying anything in the market, I make sure that I have to read the old newspaper used as a packaging or any paper used as wrapper. There were no plastics then.

As I grew older, I noticed that I have trouble in reading very small letters but still I can recognize people while walking. To solve this problem, I always have a mini magnifying lense in my bag. I also have a bigger diameter magnifying lense at home and another in the office. At first, reading the label of grocery items in the supermarket is always a problem. There were times when i asked other customers to read the labels for me a. That was so embarrassing.

My 3 kids and my wife wear eyeglass. I thought that their poor eyesight could be hereditary or could be due to their frequent use of computers. They would pity me using magnifying lense while reading. My eldest daughter said one time that she knows what to give me as my Christmas gift. I asked her what was that? An eyeglass .

We went to SM City-Baguio at EO Executive Optical for a replacement of her eyeglass lense. I also had my free eye check-up. I asked the optometrists her findings, the benefits of having an eyeglass and how much will I shell out if I will have a new one.

It took me months to have my eyeglass. I even dropped by Vivian Sarabia Optical shop at SM-MOA because I want this my eyeglass is branded or high-end and EO Executive Optical at SM Cit Manila. Besides, it was my desire that my eyeglass will be made by famous optical shop or famous optometrist. Vivian Sarabia is the famous opthalmologist who made the iconic eyeglass of President Benigno Aquino III. I wass surprised that a branded eyeglass frame would range from P 4 thousand pesos up.

At home, I already have this Hugo Boss eyeglass but with lense which does not suit my eyes. Together with my son, I visited, EO Executive Optical at SM City-Baguio. After an hour, myHugo Boss eyeglass was done. Thanks to EO.
From that time on, reading is longer a problem. I thank the optical shop in its facebook account

Having a high-end brand of eyeglass is not a want but a need. So the next time you have problem with your eyesight, invest in a nice eyeglass.

Jaywalking ???

When it comes to obedience in traffic rules and regulations, well I could consider myself as a law abiding citizen. I want to be a role model to other pedestrians while walking along the streets or major thoroughfares while going to my destinations.

Ever since I was a kid, I know that jaywalking is crossing a street at a non-designated intersections or crosswalks. At a pedestrian overpass in Baguio fronting a mall, there is a mini police outpost which is constructed underneath the concrete stairway of the overpass. At both ends of the road fronting the outpost, there are 2 signboards placed which read “No Jaywalking.” This means that a pedestrian is not allowed to cross that portion while going to the other side of the road but passing or walking parallel to the road is allowed since it is not a “jaywalking” zone.

Before I decided to walk along the roadway, I still observed and let other pedestrians pass thru it. In short, I also did. While walking and in the middle of the police outpost, why this policeman called my attention while I was walking parallel to the road because he says “It’s jaywalking”. I reasoned out that I’m walking parallel to the street and I’m not crossing the road so its not a form of “jaywalking.” As a matter of courtesy and respect to person in authority, I said “sorry sir. I won’t do it again. i just followed what others did.”

While walking home, I asked myself if “jaywalking” has a new meaning. I looked its meaning in the dictionary, asked other persons as to the meaning and browsed the net for the meaning. Anyway, I know I’m right but I asked myself, “Does this policeman failed in English class during his high school or in college days? What school he graduated? Did he graduated in a barangay high school? If your English is bad, Sen Miriam Santiago will say “have you took and pass English 101 in UP?”

Anyway, I decided to walk along the road because of the heavy load I’m carrying because climbing the stairs would be a burden to me. From that time up to know although I know that I’m doing right, I just pass thru the overpass although others still pass along that road stretch.

Fashion wear on a cold weather

Experience the cool weather now in Baguio. And with the low temperature this January, what does an ordinary individual wear in Baguio? As you walk in the streets of Baguio, you will spot a male wearing jacket whether denims or cotton  or a sweatshirt with a scarf, a bonnet or baseball cap. 

Having these items will not drain your pockets as these could be puirchased from the so many “thrift stores:, in the city market or at Harrison night market which opens shop starting 9:00pm.  During this economic crisis we are experiencing, purchasing “secondhand items” is just a practical thing to do. Anyway the items being sold are branded. Some are fakes or imitation. Just be careful in what you are buying.

Personally, I love buying secondhand items especially the high-end brands like Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, etc. I could spend 4 hours just looking for nice, cheap,, high-end brands. From the old hotel buildings to the city markets and at the night market.

But one fashion expert says, while it’s so cool wearing these high-ends brands, just make sure that you don’t look like a “fashion victim ” such as this lady that I spotted wearing a dress with a skinny jeans, with a rubber shoes, scarf, bonnet, with large belt and carrying large bag.

Whatever one wears this cold weather doesn’t matter as long you can carry it.