At last, it’s the last activity for 3-day 39th PICE National Convention was done. It’s  only half -day on November 9. The group decided to go on with the planned trip to the beautiful tourist spots in Davao, a place which is close to nature, places which could be visited in just 5 hours. Our tourist guide suggested a place which we could see the entire city of davao at night time. It would be thrilling adventure but it takes 3 hours to travel to the place. OMG, we are running out of time.

Finally, we have inked the plan. From our point of origin which is SM City Lanang , the venue of the convention, we boarded a hired tourist van. First destination, the Davao Crocodile Farm.

We got to the area via provincial roads. We enjoyed the trip with sightseeing along our way. Guess what we did first? Picture-taking infront of the crocodile farm signage. Picture here picture there. By this time which is past 1:00pm, we were already hungry, eager to taste exotic foods of Davao. At the Riverwalk Exotic Foods Grill, we tasted crispy crocs and other exotic foods the names of the recipes which I could no longer recall. Crocodile meat has different cuts for different orders.

Below the Riverwalk grill is the rivercruise floating resto. One would experience dining aboard the floating resto but the group opted not to experience the thrill due to time constraints. Beside, the water is murky, color brown but I wasn’t able to see any floating plastics, debris, scraps. In fact, kids enjoy swimming in the river despite the murky water.

Next activity, crocodile farm tour with a P200 entrance for adults and P100 for kids. We enjoyed the encounter with the eagles , crocodiles and other exotic animals with several albino pythons and brown-skinned python.

For souvenir items and if one is willing to shell out thousands and thousands of pesos, the crocodile leather wallet and leather belt are nice. Now I know why a Louis Vuitton leather bags is so expensive because at the crocodile souvenir shop, an authentic leather wallet costs P5,000 and P8,000 for a leather belt. Wow, only for the rich but not for us.

For coffee lovers, you can taste the most expensive coffee, the civet coffee at P150 per cup. For an entrance of P200, we still have 2 places in the area to visit which are included in the package but we decided not to avail since we are running out of time. Come on guys, let;s go to the next destination, the Baywalk of Davao says our tour drive/tourist guide Bryan.


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