How to improve LED tv sound quality but not with cinema system

LED or light emitting diode TVs are now very popular. They are available especially in appliance centers located in malls. Having crisp picture in your newly-purchased led tv is not enough. It must have a very nice sound quality  ; with bass, mid-range speakers and tweeters. The question is, how will you achieve this?

In Baguio, looking for quality secondhand speakers for your led tv is not a problem. Just visit several thrift shops in Baguio selling secondhand electronic gadgets, kitchen and home appliances appliances. The shops are located at the ground floor of Padilla Bldg at Harrison Road, 3rd Floor of  U-Need Supermart at Plaza, 2nd and 3rd Floor at old hotel building in Abanao St. fronting the Abanao Square and at the old Bayanihan hotel

For the brand which I tried and for which I’m totally satisfied, I would recommend JBL   or  Altec Lansing..For a 2.1 system, one will need to shell out P1200 -P2500 per set.Just make sure the speakers are properly tested  before payment  Following the steps in setting up the tv with the speaker system, I’m sure you will enjoy watching your favorite programs on tv as if your inside a theatre.


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