MC Adore Hotel

What can you remember about Mc Adore Hotel?
Mc Adore International Palace Star of the North was a five-star hotel with a revolving restaurant and helipad built in the 1970s by businesswoman Modesta R. Sabeniano. The MC Adore property has a total land area of 5,113.99 square meters. The building, consisting of five floors, totals 11,990.53 square meters while the helipad at its roof deck covers 12,673 square

Sometime in 1979, I was able to acquire the subscription of a one-page advertisement of  MC Adore International Palace for the UPCESSA Yearbook (University of Pangasinan College of Engineering  Supreme Student Association). The restaurant near the rooftop swimming served as the venue for the UPCESSA event. Supposed to be, the affair  will be at the Grand Ballroom  but the place was already set for another event. That was the time that I was able to go as far as the helipad and the Dayat Revolving Restaurant, the rooftop swimming pool serves not only as a pool but also as a water reservoir in case of fire within the building.  The hotel is the only 5-star in the North.  I was able to dine in at the coffee shop  at the lobby  with a cup of coffee costing P 50 wherein by that time is already a big amount.  Renowned beauty queen from Binmaley, Pangasinan operates her self-named boutique at the ground floor.  As far as I can recall MC in the MC Adore name stands for M-odesta & C-arlos Munoz, the allegedly  estranged husband of Sabeniano who owns the famous Munoz market in Manila.

When I go to the hotel, I make sure I will enter through the main door and not the coffee shop entrance because I like being greeted and being saluted by the guard. One time ,I chanced Modest aSabeniano  scolding the office employees telling them to inform the guard to salute everybody entering the hotel . This happened when Carlos Munoz entered the building not in a suit so he was not given hand salute by the guard.

I was able to enter  the administration office wherein I got the advertisement material. I Have no longer a copy of the ad because my yearbook was flushed out by the August 26, 1990 mudslide in Philex.  The theatre which was named ModestaMovierama is centralized airconditioned with world-class facilities but several of the upholstered chairs were allegedly intentionally damaged/torn by supporters of then mayoralty candidate Mayor CiprianoManaois. That time, ModestaSabeniano was alos a mayoralty candidate but lost in the election. During the grand campaign of the manaois camp, they even acquired the services of the estranged husband of Modesta. According to him, the husband owns the lot but stole it from him and she even forced to changed the family name of their kids with Sabeniano.

One of the daughters of Modesta is married to Architect Ravanzo, owner- of the family-owned Villaflor hospital then located  beside the University of Pangasinan building.

Below the theatre was a bank. The hotel served also as a hom e of the Rotary Club of Dagupan for their monthly meetings and events.

According to our college instructor, Dean DionisioParayno of the College of Engineering who was our instructor in “Project Study” class, the location of the hotel is not suited in the place because it is facing the old St. John Cathedral because according to him, you check-In  at the hotel to do private activity so how could do that illegal private activity when as youi peep in the window , you will see the cathedral.

When there are special events in the hotel, I make sure I drop by the place because at that time, having been in the hotel is a status symbol.

July 16, 1990, a very strong  earthquake  hit the city of Dagupan wherein many buildings were damaged and sank due to liquefaction but MC Adore was not affected as the building foundation is a spread footing.


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