myEyesight, myEyewear, myHugo Boss

My love for reading started in my elementary days. I love reading books, comics during the 70’s and I love to write. I just want to express my ideas through writing. I was a news writer in ‘FORUM”, the official newspaper in my elementary years and also a news writer in our high school paper which was later shutdown by then President Marcos during martial rule. I made a crossword puzzle and published in the CURRENT EVENTS Digest , year 1970 which I was paid P100 for that puzzle. And for this, I was swarmed with hundreds of fan mails from all over the country. I read all of the letters but due to financial constraints, I was not able to send a reply. That will cost me a lot of cash then. I used to write for our company news bulletin. I regularly patronize the public library in our community. I love reading almanacs, geography, science, history, encyclopedia, Reader’s Digest etc. When I have problem with words, I always consult the dictionary.

My love for reading does not end in the library. I will join other kids renting and reading comics for hire in the public markets. After buying anything in the market, I make sure that I have to read the old newspaper used as a packaging or any paper used as wrapper. There were no plastics then.

As I grew older, I noticed that I have trouble in reading very small letters but still I can recognize people while walking. To solve this problem, I always have a mini magnifying lense in my bag. I also have a bigger diameter magnifying lense at home and another in the office. At first, reading the label of grocery items in the supermarket is always a problem. There were times when i asked other customers to read the labels for me a. That was so embarrassing.

My 3 kids and my wife wear eyeglass. I thought that their poor eyesight could be hereditary or could be due to their frequent use of computers. They would pity me using magnifying lense while reading. My eldest daughter said one time that she knows what to give me as my Christmas gift. I asked her what was that? An eyeglass .

We went to SM City-Baguio at EO Executive Optical for a replacement of her eyeglass lense. I also had my free eye check-up. I asked the optometrists her findings, the benefits of having an eyeglass and how much will I shell out if I will have a new one.

It took me months to have my eyeglass. I even dropped by Vivian Sarabia Optical shop at SM-MOA because I want this my eyeglass is branded or high-end and EO Executive Optical at SM Cit Manila. Besides, it was my desire that my eyeglass will be made by famous optical shop or famous optometrist. Vivian Sarabia is the famous opthalmologist who made the iconic eyeglass of President Benigno Aquino III. I wass surprised that a branded eyeglass frame would range from P 4 thousand pesos up.

At home, I already have this Hugo Boss eyeglass but with lense which does not suit my eyes. Together with my son, I visited, EO Executive Optical at SM City-Baguio. After an hour, myHugo Boss eyeglass was done. Thanks to EO.
From that time on, reading is longer a problem. I thank the optical shop in its facebook account

Having a high-end brand of eyeglass is not a want but a need. So the next time you have problem with your eyesight, invest in a nice eyeglass.


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