Jaywalking ???

When it comes to obedience in traffic rules and regulations, well I could consider myself as a law abiding citizen. I want to be a role model to other pedestrians while walking along the streets or major thoroughfares while going to my destinations.

Ever since I was a kid, I know that jaywalking is crossing a street at a non-designated intersections or crosswalks. At a pedestrian overpass in Baguio fronting a mall, there is a mini police outpost which is constructed underneath the concrete stairway of the overpass. At both ends of the road fronting the outpost, there are 2 signboards placed which read “No Jaywalking.” This means that a pedestrian is not allowed to cross that portion while going to the other side of the road but passing or walking parallel to the road is allowed since it is not a “jaywalking” zone.

Before I decided to walk along the roadway, I still observed and let other pedestrians pass thru it. In short, I also did. While walking and in the middle of the police outpost, why this policeman called my attention while I was walking parallel to the road because he says “It’s jaywalking”. I reasoned out that I’m walking parallel to the street and I’m not crossing the road so its not a form of “jaywalking.” As a matter of courtesy and respect to person in authority, I said “sorry sir. I won’t do it again. i just followed what others did.”

While walking home, I asked myself if “jaywalking” has a new meaning. I looked its meaning in the dictionary, asked other persons as to the meaning and browsed the net for the meaning. Anyway, I know I’m right but I asked myself, “Does this policeman failed in English class during his high school or in college days? What school he graduated? Did he graduated in a barangay high school? If your English is bad, Sen Miriam Santiago will say “have you took and pass English 101 in UP?”

Anyway, I decided to walk along the road because of the heavy load I’m carrying because climbing the stairs would be a burden to me. From that time up to know although I know that I’m doing right, I just pass thru the overpass although others still pass along that road stretch.


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