Fashion wear on a cold weather

Experience the cool weather now in Baguio. And with the low temperature this January, what does an ordinary individual wear in Baguio? As you walk in the streets of Baguio, you will spot a male wearing jacket whether denims or cotton  or a sweatshirt with a scarf, a bonnet or baseball cap. 

Having these items will not drain your pockets as these could be puirchased from the so many “thrift stores:, in the city market or at Harrison night market which opens shop starting 9:00pm.  During this economic crisis we are experiencing, purchasing “secondhand items” is just a practical thing to do. Anyway the items being sold are branded. Some are fakes or imitation. Just be careful in what you are buying.

Personally, I love buying secondhand items especially the high-end brands like Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, etc. I could spend 4 hours just looking for nice, cheap,, high-end brands. From the old hotel buildings to the city markets and at the night market.

But one fashion expert says, while it’s so cool wearing these high-ends brands, just make sure that you don’t look like a “fashion victim ” such as this lady that I spotted wearing a dress with a skinny jeans, with a rubber shoes, scarf, bonnet, with large belt and carrying large bag.

Whatever one wears this cold weather doesn’t matter as long you can carry it. 



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