A nightmare in Burnham Park

Travelling at nighttime is a no-no to me. Aside from staying up late, it’s very risky especially if the bus waiting areas are dim .

Boarding a provincial bus, I arrived in Baguio City by 2:00 am. The bus station is at the Rizal Park area. Because the night is cold and early morning, only few people were in the park, I decided to pass the Burnham park thru Daniel Burnham’s bust because I thought that since its unholy hour, I will be safe enough passing that park.

While walking past the bust, a man from the shrubs, unlighted portion came out and asked”where I came from?”. I did not mind him anyway because why he’s asking me that? Why will he mind where I came from?

Sensing that it was a hold-up, I placed my wallet in my front pocket, secured my newly-purchased phone, fixed my shoe laces in preparation for any untoward incident. I thought he is not following me but to my surprise he was about 5 meters away from my back. Instead of going to the boating area, I diagonally passed through the grassy area and seek the nearby restaurant for help.Its good that a park guard noticed me asking me for help. He queried if I could recognize the person but I said not. The guard advised to be very careful next time.

I proceeded to the Dunkin Donut shop In Session Road for a cup of coffee and to seek for a safer place.

In Baguio, It’s More Fun to Walk when there are more people in the streets rather than walking alone.


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